Ready to automate your business, focus on your creative efforts and keep your business going and growing? If you’re ready to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on your creative projects, then this course is for you!

Whether you’re a drone pilot, photographer, mapper or modeler, this course will help you create autonomous systems to serve your clients. Keep your clients engaged, automate client notifications, set expectations and have your business run smoothly. This way, you can handle more clients and truly scale your business.

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Everyone knows the only successful businesses are those who can scale their operations and therefore their revenue. This PROPS business course will help students to create:

  • Lead Generation systems

  • Client onboarding systems

  • Autonomous scheduling and filtering clients

  • Systems to set clear client expectations

  • Systems to deliver media with built in storage

  • Further engage existing clients with autonomous email newsletter systems.

  • Systems that remind clients to download materials with auto-email reminders

  • Autonomously upsell clients on prints and other swag.

  • Systems in one convenient dashboard to manage all systems from within your website.

  • Systems to garnish referrals from previous clients

This course will revolutionize your business. It will make your business run on automatic. This course will help you automate the entire client journey from start to finish. Running your business will become a cakewalk.

PROPS Business class offers practical methodologies of implementing autonomous systems to service your clients. Learn the software to manage the automation, gain resources to cut down the time to implement the systems. Personalize the automated communications and instructions your clients need. Increase client engagement, manage expectations, automate delivery and upsales. With these systems, you can take on more clients, increase efficiency and increase your profits.

During the pandemic, these systems saved Kara’s company. Kara went on a biking adventure and ended up breaking her back. She was unable to even stare at a computer, let alone keep her clients up to date or continue delivering media.

Thanks to these business systems, Kara’s company kept going and growing. With this course, you’ll be walked through how to setup these systems with your company. Learn practical methodologies of personalizing the systems and utilizing the autonomy that works best for you.

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